We provide all kinds of security services


General Asset Protection

At our security agency, we offer expert general asset protection services to individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Our team of professionals creates personalized asset protection plans to safeguard against various risks, including theft, fraud, and legal liabilities. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that our clients' assets are always secure and well-protected.


Our security agency offers professional PPO services to businesses, individuals, and organizations. Our licensed officers are equipped to handle various security challenges, including access control, monitoring, patrolling, and emergency response. With customized security plans and a commitment to professionalism, we ensure that our clients' safety and security needs are always met.

Fugitive Recovery

We offer expert Fugitive Recovery services. With a highly skilled team and extensive experience, we work closely with law enforcement agencies to track down and apprehend fugitives swiftly and safely.

Private Investigation

Our security agency provides professional and discreet Private Investigation services. With a team of experienced investigators and advanced technology, we uncover the information you need on issues like fraud, theft, and infidelity.



Born 1975 in Marion Indiana. A family man. 3 children and wife (Patricia) of 25 years and counting. A sound and video engineer at connection studios for 21 years in Houston Texas. Has been involved in combat sports since 1980. Trained and instructed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, taekwondo, Muay Thai kickboxing, and MMA. Received certifications and training from TOP GUN Academy. Licensed by Texas Department of Public Safety as a commissioned officer, Personal Protection Officer, and Private Investigator.


Vic Squier Former Military and former Law Enforcement. Level IV Security and Private Investigator in Texas.


Born in Houston, Texas in 1983, a Frontman for a Heavy Metal/Rock Band and a Bassist and Rhythm Guitarist for multiple other Bands And Studio Artists. Also, worked in the Construction Field for 20 years. Trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai Kickboxing with Top Ranked Competitors and Instructors and has Level 3 and Level 4, Security Training & Certification from TOP GUN Academy and has been Licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, as Commissioned Officer, Personal Protection Officer, and Private Investigator.